About KOA Heroes

The Importance of Self-Care in Healthcare: How KOA Heroes is Making a Difference

At KOA Heroes, we understand the unique challenges healthcare professionals face each day. That's why we founded our scrubs company in 2020, to provide durable, comfortable, stylish, and functional medical uniforms for healthcare workers in North America. But our mission goes beyond just providing quality scrubs - we want to promote self-care and well-being in the healthcare industry.

Problematic Scrubs in the Industry

As a respiratory therapist for 14 years, our founder Anisha experienced firsthand the issues with conventional scrubs. They were uninspired in style, ill-fitting, lacking in coverage when the physical demands of the job became more challenging, and lacked modern functionality like pockets that fit and secure a modern phone. All these issues were compounding the stress that was already present in her demanding work environment.

Anisha knew she had to do something for herself and her colleagues, so she founded KOA Heroes with her husband Dan.

KOA Heroes' Mission and Values

At KOA Heroes, we believe in practical, heartfelt values that prioritize comfort, style, functionality, and durability. We strive to provide healthcare professionals with medical uniforms that not only make their jobs easier but also make them feel confident and comfortable. Our customers are motivated by a sense of duty and compassion to make a positive impact in the lives of others and to provide care, comfort, and support to those in need. We stand behind those values, and strive to extend them to our health care colleagues.

Promoting Self-Care in the Workplace

At KOA Heroes, we are passionate about promoting self-care in the healthcare industry. We believe that self-care is essential to the well-being of healthcare professionals and their ability to provide the best care possible to their patients. By providing comfortable, functional, and stylish scrubs, we hope to help reduce the stress and physical demands that healthcare professionals face every day.

Join the KOA Heroes Movement

We are proud to be a fast-growing brand that fulfills orders from healthcare professionals around North America. We are committed to making a difference in the healthcare industry by promoting self-care, providing quality medical uniforms, and supporting our customers every step of the way. Join the KOA Heroes movement today and let us help make your job easier, more comfortable, and more stylish.